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Johnny, Kurt, Terri, Sister Gloria, Shirley Finnerty and Melissa Franklin



Death Post Possession


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Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)

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Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)

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Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)


Cristi Harris

Bibi is a character appearing in Night Of The Demons 2, 1994. She is portrayed by Cristi Harris.


Bibi is a prepossessing high school teenager, that was boarded at St. Rita's Academy for undisclosed reasons. Over the time, she became amiable friends with Terri and Shirley Finnerty. Apparently, she had a big time crush on his school mate, Johnny but never got the opportunist to mingle with him due to restrictions imposed by Sister Gloria on the students.

Unlike, her fellows, she possessed a sympathy for Melissa Franklin and displayed a pleasant attitude towards her. Johnny also proposed Bibi to accompany him during the Halloween night and attend the party as his partner. However, prior to the dance, Shirley lured all her friends including Bibi to the perform a hideous prank at the Hull House.

Hull House 

On their way to the Hull House, in Rick's car, Bibi and Johnny starting spooning until the disclosure of the venue. To her shock, Shirley tricked her and everyone else to the Hull House. However, upon accessing the Hull House, Bibi and Johnny went on to make out in one of the bedrooms, unknowingly being overlooked by a demonic Angela Franklin. The duo later parted on hearing Melissa's scream which was later revealed to be a prank.

Bibi also brought a demonic object, Angela's lipstick from the Hull House, which was later given to Shirley. Similar to others' Bibi went exhausted after leaving the Hull House and experience a dreadful dance of what turned out to be Angela seducing Johnny, to Bibi's agitation, in the school hall. Later on, Bibi was assaulted by a possessed Terri and was later saved by Johnny, Perry and Sister Gloria. Later that night, instead of taking cover in the chapel, Bibi displayed loyalty and went on to rescue Melissa Franklin from the Hull House.

She accompanied Johnny and Sister Gloria but was later trapped inside one of the doors and about to be physically abused by Z-Boy but was defended by Sister Gloria. Bibi also experienced the terminating encounter with Lamia and came out alive by the end of the night.