Crematorium is a discontinued cremation facility located beneath the Hull House.


The crematorium was owned by Old Man Hull, also operating a funeral parlour in the Hull House. Peculiar it may sound, but the crematorium was concealed to the public, and not known to the locals.


The crematorium serves as an abode for slumbering spirits, including Angela Franklin and Hull House Demon.

The crematorium remained feculent and the human remains, including some of the skeletons were dumped into the cremator, these skeletons are resurrected on the night of Halloween.


The crematorium first appeared in the Night Of The Demon, 1988. When the mirror seance, awakes the long awaiting Hull House Demon, and summons him from the crematorium. Later that night, the demons chase down Judy and Rodger to the crematorium, who then sets the demons on fire, effectuating the the antiquated gas system to keep the demons at bay.

The crematorium is seen again in the sequel, Night Of The Demons 2, during the opening and the party/ritual sequence, when Shirley Finnerty shouts out to Angela, from the crematorium.