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Hull House
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At the end of the Old Hull Road

Hull House is the demonic house where all the events of the Night Of The Demons movies take place. The Hull House is located on the Old Hull Road and by the local Cemetery, both named after the late Old Man Hull. The house serves as the local landmark for the residents/students of St. Rita's Academy and Mathisville


The legend of Hull House dates back to the age of the Indians. These Native Americans termed this patch of land as impure and evil of the Hull House Demon. However, an underground stream always parted this land with the rest of the town/city. This age was followed by the White Americans and a Young Brave, who accidentally settled down in the house with the rest of his family, all ending up dead with the boy turning into a mentally ill person, he was possessed by the demons that surround the house. However, years later, the house was purchased by Old Man Hull, to be renovated into a funeral parlor and crematorium. However, such is fate that Old Man Hull and is family was massacred on a Halloween by one an anonymous killer from within the family, giving birth to a uproar and spine chilling legend across the town. A group of teens in the year 1988, decided to have the Hull House as the Halloween party venue, these party goers faced demonic infestation inside the house, ending up dead one by one, except for two teens, namely; Judy Cassidy and Rodger. However, one of the party goers, Angela Franklin was latched upon by Satan, driving her to the eternal evil while her spirits remains wandering around the Hull House, slaughtering anyone who comes across the underground stream to the house. The party goers from the year, 1994, met the same fate, except for a few lucky ones, when Shirley Finnerty decides to escort Melissa Franklin to the Hull House, raising Angela, who tried to perform a sacrifice on Melissa but is later stopped by Sister Gloria, Johnny, Perry, Father Bob and Bibi. In the late 90s, the house was revisited by a group of teens, tangled in a criminal act. Astonishingly, the interior and exterior of the Hull House was entirely transformed into an ordinary house, this incident is widely considered to be Demonic, to summon the weaklings and to not induce fear among the visitors, most likely as an ambush.


Crematorium Lavatory Attic Stygian Hallways Casket Room
NOTD1 at Hull House
Living Room Driveway Cemetery Air Shaft Yard


However in the remake of the first film, it is said that Evangeline Broussard used to practice black magic alongside with Louise, but during a séance something went wrong and the demons were unleashed. Later all the group find out 6 skeletons (one of them supposed to be belong to Broussard and one to Louis, the others are unknown).