Hull House Demon
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Hull House

Present Status

Likely descended into Hell after granting entire demonic supremacy to Angela Franklin.


Night Of The Demons (1988 Film)

The Hull House Demon or the Ancient Demon is an evil spirit that possessed the Hull House in the dark ages, then known as just a piece of impure land.

This Demon threatened the very existence of any man that dares to access the house, haunting the hearts of the Ancient Indian tribes that were followed by the age of White Americans, Young Brave and Old Man Hull.

The demon is then seen again in the year, 1988, when a group of teens led by Angela Franklin, raise the demon from the gates of hell during a past life seance. The demon then possess Suzanne and Angela Franklin.

Post the Hull House massacre, the demon isn't seen anymore but a more likely thesis would be that he granted his abilities to Angela Franklin, who was dragged to Hell for eternity while her spirits looms around the Hull House to haunt the visitors.