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Kurt, Terri, Bibi, Perry, Sister Gloria, Shirley Finnerty and Melissa Franklin



Death Post Possession


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Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)

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Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)

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Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)


Johnny Moran

Johnny is a character appearing in Night Of The Demons, 1994. He is portrayed by Johnny Moran


Johnny was a student at St. Rita's Academy with a particular interest in girls, especially his crush, Bibi. Johnny often exclaimed to Father Bob that the legend of Hull House was no mere folktale but infact, a reality. Nearing Halloween, Johnny proposed Bibi to a dance at the Halloween Party but the group later decided to head to the local landmark, Hull House to a party thrown by Shirley Finnerty. Prior to the dance and party, he was grounded by Sister Gloria, however, the group later sneaked out to the Hull House in Rick's car, while having with Bibi during their journey to the Hull House.

Hull House 

Johnny and Bib secretly were sighted by a demonic Angela Franklin. However, the duo ran down to the living room after hearing Melissa Franklin's shout of cry, Johnny was rather irritated at the sight of the joke and almost grappled Z-Boy. The group then headed back to the academy, as Johnny was later seduced by Angela's dance, luckily, not being lured or assaulted. Johnny then accompanied Bibi, Sister Gloria, Father Bob and Perry to overcome Angela's plan to sacrifice Melissa Franklin at Hull House, together, the group headed back to the Hull House. Along with the others', Johnny faced a couple of obstacles inside the house, at first being frightened by Sister Gloria's warning of Hull House being a portal hell, later thrown by Angela out the window to confront his bodiless possessed friend, Kurt, in the basketball court, playing around with his decapitated head and tried to pluck Johnny's eyes out but was saved by Perry, who threw water balls containing holy water onto the possessed Johnny. Later on, Perry was assaulted by Z-Boy, inching towards death, to his safe, Johnny gave him some holy water that didn't transform Perry into a demon, who left the world as a pure human, whatsoever, Johnny was dreaded to witness his friend dying in front of him. Seconds before Perry's untimely demise, he proclaimed to Johnny that Angela was to perform a sacrifice on innocent Melissa. The remaining trio; Sister Gloria, Bibi and Johnny went on to eliminate the remaining demons including Z-Boy, Father Bob and Shirley. They then faced a final confrontation with Angela Franklin, who later turned into a Lamia, to Johnny's luck who shattered the wooden wall, enabling the sun light to cast itself upon Lamia, bringing an end to this chaos.


He is the first and only person to dance with Angela and live.

He is also the first and only one to Defeat Angela