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Beheaded by Angela Franklin


Johnny, Terri, Bibi, Perry, Sister Gloria, Shirley Finnerty and Melissa Franklin


St. Rita's Academy

Death Post Possession

Killed by Perry at Hull House with the help of holy water.

Behind the scenes
First Appearance

Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)

Latest Appearance

Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)

Last Appearance

Night Of The Demons 2 (1994 Film)


Ladd York

Kurt is a character appearing in Night Of The Demons, 1994. He is played by Ladd York.


Kurt was admitted at St. Rita's Academy sometime in the past and developed an eventual friendship with his roommate, Johnny. Alongside Johnny, Kurt had a peculiar liking for girls, stalking around the girls' dormitory at nights and sighting them at night, was a usual hobby for both Kurt and Johnny. Kurt had a small time tiff with Perry due to him being the famed school brain and was also alleged to have stolen his book of demonology. However, the Halloween season was nearing and Johnny wanted to desperately date Shirley Finnerty to the Halloween dance but prior to the dance, he was caught flirting around with her in the tennis court and was grounded by Sister Gloria. However, he somehow managed to get Johnny for the undisclosed party at Hull House, thrown by Shirley, who passed on a route map to Kurt. Moreover, when the group entered Rick's car to journey to the Hull House, to his shock, Shirley tricked him and had Rick already as his boyfriend.

Hull House 

When Terri went to the restroom to be confronted by a demon head, the two came back to the living room to find out Shirley and Rick sacrificing Melissa Franklin, Kurt rushed to rescue her but was held back by Rick and Z-Boy and was prank stabbed by a fake knife and the entire ritual was revealed to be a prank. Upon heading back to St. Rita's Academy, Kurt and Terri were chased by Angela Franklin, who ended slaughtering Kurt's head from his body, eventually making him a demon. Kurt is then seen at Hull House, playing around with a frightened Johnny, scaring him to death by showcasing his bodiless head, Kurt was about to pluck Johnny's eyes until Perry rescued Johnny by dumping a bunch of holy water onto the possessed Kurt, bringing an end to his evils spirit.