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The Night Of The Demons is an American Comedy-horror franchise consisting of four films. The original film, Night of the Demons, was released in 1988. Written and produced by Joe Augustyn, and directed by Kevin S. Tenney, the sequels have had various writers and directors attached to them, with the character of Angela remaining the only constant in all of the films in the franchise. Tenney, who had a hand in directing the first sequel, has not had any direct involvement with the rest of the films.

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Featured Location

Visit this months' featured character: Hull House!
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Hull House is the demonic house where all the events of the Night Of The Demons movies take place. The Hull House is located on the Old Hull Road and by the local Cemetery, both named after the late Old Man Hull. The house serves as the local landmark for the residents/students of St. Rita's Academy and Mathisville. The legend of Hull House dates back to the age of the Indians. These Native Americans termed this patch of land as impure and evil of the Hull House Demon.............

Featured Character

Visit this months' featured character: Judy Cassidy!

Judy Cassidy hails from the same neighborhood, that of Sal Romero. She was initially in a relationship with Sal Romero, eventually dating him but later broke with him............

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Featured Demon

Visit this months' featured demon: Hull House Demon!

The Hull House Demon or the Ancient Demon is an evil spirit that possessed the Hull House in the dark ages, then known as just a piece of impure land............


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