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Night of The Demons: After Party is an upcoming Horror/Comedy movie set to be released on Halloween 2014, it is a sequel to the 2009 film Night Of The Demons.


In 2010 Director/Writer Adam Gierash and Writer Jace Anderson have expressed interest in creating a sequel or prequel to the film with a late 2012 release date.

But it was not until 2013 that, Kevin Tenney stated via Night of The Demons facebook page that a sequel was in production and that it was set to be released in later 2014, he also said that Tifanny Shepis will start the movie.

Anthony Hickox will direct the movie and Sean Tretta will write the script.


A Halloween party in a cemetery turns diabolical when demons and zombies arise and all hell breaks lose!


When we last visited NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, it was Halloween, and a reluctant group of party-goers spent the night trying to fend off the seductive, sick, and twisted advances of a group of DEMONS hell-bent on enacting an ancient ritual to open the gates of hell… Luckily, Maddie (as played by Monica Keena) was there to royally f#%k those plans up. Now, it’s Halloween again, and that first party’s other survivor, Diana (Tiffany Shepis), is unwisely throwing another bad-ass Halloween party at the very cemetery where Angela (the first party’s gateway DEMON, as played by Shannon Elizabeth) just-so-happens-to-be buried... Not a good idea… which brings us to Sarah. Sarah just wants a few things: to look hot in her costume, get drunk, dance with her friends, fool around with her boyfriend, and for once have a birthday that isn’t completely RUINED by the fact that she was born on October, 31st, HALOWEEN. Unfortunately, her bad luck isn’t about to change as Sarah and her friends find themselves at Diana’s awesome, yet ill-fated cemetery party. When Diana becomes possessed by Angela’s demon, horror and hilarity ensue, as the party becomes a rip-roaring, rock-n-roll BLOODBATH of awkward social humiliation, mistaken prostitutional obligations, painful demon-sex, unscrupulous backstabbing MILF’s, life-saving smart-phone apps, demon-style proctology, and absurd revisionist satanic rites. But Sarah isn’t alone… there is a mysterious guest at the party with enough demon-ass-kicking knowledge that Sarah and her friends might just survive the night. However Diana and her blood-thirsty crew of demons aren’t about to let that happen, even if that means having to resurrect every corpse in the cemetery to make sure Sarah and her friends don’t get out alive… If you thought the first party was a good time, just wait for the AFTER-PARTY


  • Shepis started in the prequel movie
  • A soundtrack has been announced but no details have been given yet.

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